Popin Cookin Complete Set

Why only get one or a couple Popin Cookin’s when you can get all of them? The Popin Cookin Complete Set contains 28 unique DIY kits. Each kit has its very own theme with the majority being sweets, but there is also a hamburger, sushi and other interesting things in the mix! If you want to enjoy all Popin Cookin’s and save money at the same time, we highly recommend the Popin Cookin Complete Set, discounted at 25%!


popin cookin complete set kracie

This kit includes:

  • Popin Cookin Sushi
  • Popin Cookin Bento
  • Popin Cookin Fun Cake
  • Popin Cookin Happy Kitchen Donut
  • Popin Cookin Happy Kitchen Hamburger
  • Popin Cookin Neri Candy Kit
  • Popin Cookin Happy Kitchen DIY Pizza Kit
  • Popin Cookin Gummy Land
  • Popin Cookin! Nerunerunerune: Grape
  • Popin Cookin! Nerunerunerune: Soda
  • Popin Cookin! Asobou Sakana Tsuri
  • Popin Cookin! Kurukuru Takoyaki
  • Popin Cookin! Otanoshimi Neruneru Strawberry Cake Chocolate Sauce
  • Popin’ Cookin! DIY Puchitto Kudamono Grape
  • Popin Cookin! Narunaru Gummy Soda
  • Henshin Bubble jelly
  • Popin Cookin DIY Fun Ramen Kit
  • Colorful Lamennais Land
  • 2015 Popin Cookin DIY Sea Gummy Kit
  • Popin Cookin! Puchitto Animal Pancake Kit
  • Popin Cookin! Happy Kitchen Taiyaki & Odango DIY Kit
  • Popin Cookin! Puchitto Strawberry Chocolate 2015
  • Popin Cookin! HimoHimo Candy Grape
  • Popin Cookin! HimoHimo Candy Soda
  • 2015 Popin Cookin! Nazonazo Puchitto Green Apple and Lemon Squash
  • Popin Cookin! Puchitto Chocolate 2015
  • Kurabete Neruneru
  • Popin Cookin! Dodotto Tsubupyon Grape


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